We at Planck challenged Matt Stephenson to do one simple thing: leave out all his many failures and instead just provide a list of things to try and make him sound awesome:

Academic Stuff: 

  • Fulbright Scholar
  • PhD(c) Behavioral Economics and Stategy, Columbia
  • MSc Economics Warwick (Awarded Best Thesis)
  • Publications include: Journal of Economics Behavior and Organization, Strategic Management Journal, Harvard Economic Review, Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics
  • Consulting includes Unilever, NY Federal Reserve

Crypto Stuff: 

  • 2011 MSc Econometrics Thesis on Bitcoin
  • Helped solve a $12m Ponzi on Ethereum
  • Consulting for Dapper Labs
  • 2018 essay on NFTs for Science was honored in a 16z's "NFT Canon"
  • Created and sold first Science NFT
  • Gave keynote at Ethereum's first NFT Summit in 2018
  • OGNFT 2021 talk on Behavioral Economics and NFT's
Matt Stephenson headshot

Matthew Stephenson